Joe Rogan Experience - #1599: Tulsi Gabbard

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In this episode:

Joe sits down with former congresswomen, Tulsi Gabbard. The two sit down to discuss the state of America, politics, Tulsi’s upcoming podcast, “This is Tulsi Gabbard.”

More from Tulsi Gabbard:

Show Notes:

3:30- Book- Hate Inc. by Matt Tahiti

6:45- Section 230 provision that gives big tech legal immunity to do whatever they want

8:00- Tim Cook statement about Parler ban

9:30- recent interviews with Parler founder

14:00- accusation that Tulsi is a Russian asset

15:00- Renee DiResta work about social media disinformation

23:00- lawsuit against YouTube

24:00- DuckDuckGo search engine

24:30- Doctor in Florida who took vaccine and died

33:00- Hawaii nuclear missile scare in 2018

37:00- the story behind The First Step Act (bill that would release innocent drug offenders)

58:00- North Korea has nuclear submarines

59:00- US faces new Cold War with China

62:00- Trump wants to start a third party called the patriot party

72:00- states that don’t have paper backups of votes

76:00- 11 year old changed election results on reputable Florida website

77:00- Documentary- Hacking Democracy

102:00- Tulsi Gabbard podcast- This is Tulsi Gabbard

119:00- CNN clip from Congressman Steve Cohen smearing National Guard

123:00- Racial equity vaccine dilemma

131:00- Department of Health recently adjusted their vaccine recommendations

136:00- Marine life is thriving in Hawaii due to Covid

142:00- Biden saying he would fake an illness

150:00- Surfer arrested for violating Covid restrictions

153:00- Colorado study that shows no evidence of Covid spread in gyms

162:30- CDC vitamin D recommendations

163:00- Quercetin and Zinc for Covid

169:00- Toxic burn pits

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