Joe Rogan Experience - #1605: Mark Smith

In this episode:

Joe sits down with pilot, MMA referee, and corporate health and wellness advocate, Mark Smith. Smith served as an Air Force F-16 fighter pilot, with tours at NASA, the White House, and the elite flying group the Thunderbirds. The two discuss Mark’s career as a MMA referee, Air Force aircrafts, history of space exploration, MMA fight injuries, and much more.

Should you listen?

This episode is perfect for fans who are interested in hearing about what it takes to be a MMA referee, how refs make decisions, MMA fights and injuries, etc. If MMA conversation doesn’t interest you, it may be worth hearing about Mark’s fascinating professional background.

More from Mark Smith:

Show Notes: Thunderbirds, Aircrafts, Space, MMA

MMA Fights and Fighters Mentioned

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  • 0:00 - Refereeing – when to call a fight and the factors that go into the decision

  • 4:30 - Current and future space exploration, Mark’s time in the Thunderbirds

  • 44:00 - Behind the scenes look at what goes into officiating an MMA fight

  • 100:00 - What MMA training is like during Covid pandemic

  • 104:00 - Upcoming MMA fights

  • 112:00 - Ref protocols to keep fighters safe

  • 120:00 - Opinions on chokes that make fighters pass out and kicks

  • 135:00 - Mark’s education and diverse professional background/story

  • 141:00 - What it takes to prepare for Thunderbird shows

  • 145:00 - Mark describing flight positions what it’s like flying w/ Thunderbirds

  • 156:00 - Different jets Mark has piloted

  • 159:00 - Mark’s work with NASA and the White House

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