Joe Rogan Experience #1612: Robert Bigelow

In This Episode:

Joe sits down with real estate tycoon and entrepreneur, Robert Bigelow. Robert is an aerospace entrepreneur and founder of the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies: an organization supporting research into the survival of human consciousness after death.

Should you listen?

This is a lively interview and discussion focused on aliens, UFOs, psychics, and consciousness. The two tackle some big questions, such as does consciousness survive after death? Joe gets combative with Robert at the 137 minute mark, over his belief in psychic mediums. This is a great episode for both UFO believers and skeptics.

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Show Notes


  • 1:00 Robert Bigelow’s parents’ UFO encounter in 1947 and an overview of how Robert became interested in UFOs

  • 10:00 John Mack and implanting false memories

  • 12:00 Abductions and UFO Sightings

  • 26:00 Robert has created space habitats, one is being used on the International Space Station

  • 45:00 Consciousness, Psychokinesis, Remote Viewing

  • 69:00 Joe and Robert discuss Bob Lazar and Robert tells a story about his personal experience with Bob Lazar

  • 80:00 Philosophical conversation on the future of the human race and consciousness

  • 95:00 Spirituality and the need for it in humans

  • 100:00 Does consciousness survive beyond death?

  • 114:00 How do you verify a near death experience?

  • 118:00 Automatic Writing

  • 127:00 Robert's experience with a ghost

  • 131:00 Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies

  • 137:00 Joe attacks Robert

  • 157:00 Aliens and element 115

  • 175:00 Big Bang Theory and String Theory are on their way out

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