Joe Rogan Experience #1611 - Freddie Gibbs & Brian Moses

In This Episode:

Joe sits down with rapper, Freddie Gibs and comedian, Brian Moses. Along with being a comedian, Brian Moses is a writer, producer, and co-creator of Roast Battle. Freddie Gibbs is a rapper, founder of the ESGN music label, and 2020 Grammy Award Nominee. Check out "Moses's Traveling Cocaine Circus" on February 23 at Vulcan Gas Co in Austin, TX.

Should you listen?

If you are a boxing fan you will find parts of this podcast enjoyable, especially the parts where Joe really gets into it. He’s a true fighting historian. Other than that though this episode is a bummer. Really surprised it went over 4 hours.

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Show Notes:


  • 0:00 Drugs and drug laws

  • 8:00 Willie D & The Geto Boys

  • 10:00 California

  • 14:00 February snow storm and things not to do when it gets cold

  • 16:00 Mike Tyson and boxing

  • 33:00 Pioneering comics and censorship

  • 40:00 Foreign policy

  • 45:00 Gold

  • 50:00 The people that achieve elite status at their craft

  • 54:00 Body transformations for movies

  • 59:00 Kimbo Slice

  • 67:00 Boxer - Jack Johnson

  • 70:00 Child Support, Alimony, Unemployment funds

  • 85:00 Censorship

  • 90:00 Former DC Mayor Marion Barry and other politicians with drug issues

  • 106:00 Politics and dictators

  • 118:00 California, Covid, and woke culture

  • 128:00 Joe Rogan’s experience with MDMA (it’s funny)

  • 130:00 Drugs

  • 140:00 Boxing

  • 158:00 The Gracie Family and martial arts

  • 165:00 Crack

  • 175:00 R Kelley

  • 180:00 Movies

  • 195:00 Molestation in Catholic Church

  • 215:00 Roast Battle

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