Joe Rogan Experience - #1609: Elon Musk

Joe Rogan Experience #1609 Elon Musk

In this episode:

Joe sits down with legendary inventor and entrepreneur, Elon Musk. The two discuss SpaceX rockets, the future of planetary travel, the existence of alien lifeforms, Tesla’s upcoming innovations, Elon’s satellite company Starlink, global environmental sustainability, and much more.

Should you listen?

Absolutely. When Elon Musk has something to say, you should listen. Joe and Elon have a fascinating conversation about Elon’s diverse portfolio of companies and projects and it’s perfect for anyone interested in learning more about the future of SpaceX and Tesla. Unfortunately, if you are hoping to hear about Elon’s recent involvement with cryptocurrencies and the reddit-driven Gamestop movement, you’re not in luck.

More from Elon Musk:

Show Notes:

Tesla Talk:


  • 0:00-15:00: Future of SpaceX flights and discussion about Starship rocket

  • 15:00-23:00: Future of propulsion

  • 23:00-57:00: Future of living on Mars, extinctions, alien lifeforms, etc.

  • 58:00- 95:00: Discuss the new Tesla vehicles

  • 70:00-78:00: Living in Texas vs California

  • 95:00-110:00: Starlink and effects of radiation

  • 110:00-135:00: Neurolink, privacy, AI, and the government’s role in tech regulation

  • 135:00-176:00: Electric cars, battery technology, sustainable energy, and controlling climate change

  • 176:00-204:00: More Tesla talk

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