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About Joe Notes

As JRE fans, we found ourselves constantly Googling topics and recommendations to learn more about the fascinating discussions Joe Rogan has with his guests. We decided to compile show notes to make the learning process easier for fellow JRE listeners and avid learners. Joe Notes is a tool created for Joe Rogan Experience podcast listeners who are looking to research and learn more about topics discussed in JRE episodes.


No need to pause your workout or spend unnecessary time searching for interesting topics, let us do the work for you! Each episode’s Joe Notes includes links to supplementary resources to learn more about guests, discussion topics, books, documentaries, recommended content and much more! 

We are in no way affiliated with Joe Rogan, his management/affiliates, or the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. This is an unofficial fan site, designed by fans, for fans. Thanks for your support and happy learning! Feel free to contact us directly at